Hello! I’m Katrina. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I started this blog in an effort to be a little more creative and a little less consumptive. (I write in more detail about that here.)

A  bit about me. Born and raised in the great city of Glasgow, I am now exiled to Manchester, a city I’ve grown to love and call home.

I am married to a great Geordie guy, and together we have the pleasure and challenges of raising three lively children, who are now all well into double figures.

I am a recovering lawyer!………no longer practising and have embarked on a different path, doing some writing, some volunteering and am training as a therapist.

Throughout my adult life,  I have suffered numerous episodes of clinical depression. While this has been an immense challenge, it does not define me, and has given me a whole load of empathy for the many of us who struggle in this way.  Over time, I have learned the value of keeping life simple, of enjoying the ordinary moments, and how truly precious it is when I feel well.

I’m also a Christian, and this worldview tends to weave it’s way through much of what I write.

Reading a great book,  going for a run, and having a really good laugh with friends are the things which keep me sane and bring me joy.

Thank you for visiting! Please feel free to connect with me via the Contact page, Id love to hear from you.