Hi- I’m Katrina and I write here sometimes.

Born and raised in the the great city of Glasgow, I’m now exiled to Manchester – a city I’ve grown to love and call ( my second) home!

I’m married to a Geordie, and we have three fantastic kids, now nearly all teenagers.

I’m a former corporate lawyer…..no longer practising. As well as writing, I do some volunteering and I’m training as a therapist. But I’m mostly being wife, mum, cook and bottle washer.

I write about whatever I happen to be thinking about. I have a monkey mind so I’m usually thinking about a lot of things, but I have a particular interest in health and well-being, Christian spirituality and culture.

I love reading, podcasts, going for a walk or a run and hanging out with my family and friends.

Thanks for visiting! Feel free to connect with me through the contact page or in the comments section of my posts.

K xx